Simply put, I’m an internet geek musician. I love listening to music, and I love creating music.

The majority of my output can be downloaded for free. Like what you hear?  Download what you like.

There are a few internet communities that I cherish, and many of them are connected:

In 2001 I became a fan of The Sifl and Olly Show, and I joined a group of fans called the Sockheads. I found MC Frontalot because of the Sockheads. I found Songfight.org because of MC Frontalot

I found a lot of cool places like album-a-day and FAWM because of Songfight.org, and perhaps more importantly, I’ve found a lot of like-minded internet geek musicians there. I’m happy to say that I have become friends with a good number of them.

I found thesixtyone.com through Justin Bacon of Hidari, and I met him because of MC Frontalot. As it turned out? Justin was a sockhead too! Small world, huh?

I am proud to have worked on the music for the New Adventures of Captain S.
Working with PBC Productions has been a true blessing. Shael Riley set that gig up, so thank you Shael!

I have been working on an album called “Throw Money” for years now. I have recorded and scrapped the recordings for those songs more times than I care to count. The album should be finished in 2013, and demos of the songs in their current format can be found on my soundcloud page.

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