So fresh, and so clean. Clean.


January 1st, 2013.

Happy 2013! Like the new website? I do! This was my Christmas present from Tyler of (Thank you, Tyler!)

The classic design by Brandon of served me well for many years, but it was time for an update. (Thank you, Brandon!)

I’m still in the process of working on “Throw Money” among other projects, and I hope to give you many reasons to check the website this year, and for years to come for that matter. You can hear unfinished demos from the album on my soundcloud page.

I wasn’t planning on making any official new year’s resolutions this year, but I figure it never hurts to try to be a better, more productive person in general, so I’ll just aim for that.


As usual, thank you for taking the time to read these words, and for taking an interest in the creative projects I choose to share.


Glenn Case